The Deaf Action Center was established in 1982 as a nonprofit IRS designated 501(c)3 organization, after a visit by the National Theatre of the Deaf to Shreveport. Sandi and Jeffrey Kallenberg were involved with the visit through their connection with the Shreveport Regional Arts Council. The Kallenbergs, Mrs. Kallenberg's parents, Betty and Leonard Phillips, brother, Fred Phillips, and their families became concerned about the lack of services available for deaf residents in the area. Through their efforts, a professional in the field of deafness was hired and the Deaf Action Center was established. The Center's name was changed in 1985 in honor of its benefactors, the late Betty and Leonard Phillips, who, along with their families, provided the seed money to establish the Center. What was once run from a borrowed office in a local oil company is now housed in a 4,550 square foot facility — designed and equipped for the special communication needs of this population. The Center has grown from one staff member to eight full-time staff positions with part-time and volunteer services provided as well.The Center promotes the independence of the deaf, the hard of hearing and the multi-handicapped deaf in Louisiana. The Center has made a tremendous effort to provide services, support, and advocacy for this population by providing education to the general public, instructing and directing individuals interested in the field of deafness and encouraging leadership among members of the Deaf Community. It is to this end, that the Center works to eliminate any and all barriers and, in fact, serves as a beacon and source of unity for all persons affected and touched by hearing loss.